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Use Your iPhone as a Magnifying Glass, Manage Group Messages & More

In the 105th episode of the iOSApple Podcast, Donna teaches you how to use your iPhone as a magnifying glass, Sarah shares tips for managing group messages, and David explains why you should buy a leather Apple Watch band from Nomad.

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Apps & gear referred to in this episode:

  • Nomad Modern Leather Apple Watch Strap ($59.95)
  • X-Doria Defense Helix Car Mount ($59.95)
  • Marco Polo (Free)

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Transcript of Episode 105

Donna Cleveland:    Hi and welcome to episode 105 of the iOSApple podcast. I’m Donna Cleveland, editor and chief at iOSApple.

David Averbach:    I’m David Averbach, CEO and publisher at iOSApple. I’m doing a juice cleanse and I’m a little bit off today, go ahead.

Sarah Kingsbury:    And I’m Sarah Kingsbury, senior web editor at iOSApple, and I am not doing a juice cleanse, so I don’t know what my excuse will be.

David Averbach:    If you listened to the last episode, we record two episodes at once, I have not been on a juice cleanse for two weeks, you don’t need to worry about me this is my last day.[crosstalk 00:00:36] Day three and I’m done!

Sarah Kingsbury:    Yeah, and he’s eating salads, too, yes.

David Averbach:    And I’m eating salads so I’m fine.

Sarah Kingsbury:    He’ll survive.

David Averbach:    Don’t worry, I appreciate your support, but I’m okay.

Sarah Kingsbury:    So at each episode we bring to you the best apps, top tips and great gear in the iOS world. This episode we– last episode we had a main theme where we talked about the upcoming March 25 event, this week we’ll just be doing our usual schedule of things that we talk about. So first we’ll tell you about our sponsor, Gobudi.

David Averbach:    So, Gobudi is one of my favorite companies, cause they have such practical solutions and what I’m gonna tell you about today, is one of their best products, it’s called the Ear Buddy, and what it is, if you’re watching the podcast you can see it. It’s these little silicone loops, and they attach, they have them for both the EarPods and the AirPods, and they attach easily to the Pods, and then they wrap around your ear, and they secure it so that while you’re running, or working out, or if you ever just wanna make sure that your EarPods or AirPods don’t fall out of your ears, this is a perfect solution. It’s really affordable, sells on Amazon, or on their website, we’ll link to it. That’s Ear Buddy and you can get it for AirPods, or EarPods, and we’ll put a link to it at

Donna Cleveland:    Next, I have a tip for you guys. So, my favorite tip this week is how to magnify text on your iPhone and so this is a tip that is really helpful for people if you have any vision issues and you don’t necessarily wanna change the font size to be really huge on everything on your phone, but you still wanna be able to zoom in on certain things. So, you find this in your Accessibility Settings, you go to Settings, General, Accessibility, and then there’s a feature called magnifier. You tap that and the way you enable magnifier, is I think it’s triple-clicking, it’ll tell you in the Settings app, but I think it’s triple clicking either the volume up or volume down button, and then it’ll take you into a camera view mode[crosstalk 00:02:36]

Sarah Kingsbury:    Um, it’s the side button.

Donna Cleveland:    Oh, it’s the side button. Thanks Sarah. And then you’ll have a toggle that will let you zoom in and out through the camera view on whatever it is that you’re looking at.

Sarah Kingsbury:    I was using this just the other day.

Donna Cleveland:    You were?

Sarah Kingsbury:    Yeah!

Donna Cleveland:    What’d you use it for?

Sarah Kingsbury:    I was repairing a necklace of my daughter’s, and my eyes are getting old and generally I’m very near sighted, but now like, I’m apparently losing that too, and it was very small and delicate, so she was holding her phone in magnifying mode, which I had to show her how to use and then I was able to, by looking through the screen of her phone, like fix her necklace.

David Averbach:    That’s so cool, that’s a good use case, too.[crosstalk 00:03:13]

Donna Cleveland:    Uh, yeah.

Sarah Kingsbury:    I also use it to read the very teeny instructions on my hair products.

Donna Cleveland:    So this feature, I realize I kind of mislead it by saying, it’s a separate issues of how you wanna set your text size on your phone.

David Averbach:    Okay.

Donna Cleveland:    So that’s something you can do, you probably do wanna do if you need this feature, cause just in general the text on your phone might be too small, and this will help you see things in the real world, not on your phone, in a larger size.

Sarah Kingsbury:    Right, and you know what you can also do, is there is a little, sort of like camera shutter button, and it won’t save the photos, but if you know, you wanna, you know cause if you’re moving it around sometimes it goes in and out of focus, and if you’re trying to read something that can make it difficult, so you tap that and it will like capture the image for that moment so you can read it.

David Averbach:    Oh, nice.

Donna Cleveland:    Oh, that’s cool.

David Averbach:    [inaudible 00:04:00]

Sarah Kingsbury:    It won’t be saved to your photos after.

David Averbach:    I had no idea.

Sarah Kingsbury:    Yeah.

Donna Cleveland:    You must have good eyes.

David Averbach:    I do actually!

Donna Cleveland:    But, yeah, so this is one of the tips from our Daily Tips Newsletter, if you go to, you can sign up, and with this newsletter you get one minute tips each day, that will teach you something cool you can do with your iPhone, or iPad or any iOS device, we cover in this newsletter. So, people love it cause it’s a free way to improve how you’re using your– improve your life using your devices.

Donna Cleveland:    Next up I want to tell you about our iOSApple Insider program. So, iOSApple Insider’s our premium subscription and this is the way that you can support what we’re doing at iOSApple while also taking your learning to the next level on your iPhone. We are an independent publishing company and iOSApple Insider is really now our biggest revenue stream and is our most popular product, how people are getting, learning to get the most out of their devices. So we send you in depth video guides, we send you a video version of our daily tips so you get a walkthrough of these one to two minute, really easy to consume videos that you can follow along on your device as you watch and learn how to take advantage of that tip.

Donna Cleveland:    You get a digital subscription to iOSApple Magazine as well as full access to our archive of more than 30 issues. You get exclusive content in our podcast as well as an ad-free experience, and you get Ask an Editor, a feature that lets you ask all of your tech related questions, or Apple tech related questions and we’ll help guide you to an answer. So, for our podcast listeners, we wanted to give you a deal. We have five dollars off if you go to and we wanted to [00:05:48 audio cut]

Sarah Kingsbury:    [00:21:44 audio resume] or transferring from one music service to another and not losing all of your playlists. Which is, in itself, it’s pretty expensive, it’s an in-app purchase of fifteen dollars.

David Averbach:    Okay.

Sarah Kingsbury:    But, you know, if you’re switching music services and you wanna transfer all of your playlists and things like that, it is worth it.

David Averbach:    Oh yeah.

Sarah Kingsbury:    And any songs that aren’t available, on your new service, they’ll like, create a spreadsheet for you so you can [crosstalk 00:22:10]

David Averbach:    That’s really cool.

Sarah Kingsbury:    Yeah. So, for that alone, I would recommend it, but another really like, cool feature that my boyfriend and I have been using because we were teenagers in the 90’s when you expressed your love with mix tapes, is we’ve been creating playlists for each other.

David Averbach:    Awe!

Donna Cleveland:    That’s cute.

Sarah Kingsbury:    Then the stamp app lets us, you know, I’ll sign in to Apple Music on his phone and we’ll just transfer it.

David Averbach:    ‘Cause he’s on Spotify and you’re on

Sarah Kingsbury:    He’s on Google Play.

David Averbach:    Oh…

Sarah Kingsbury:    He didn’t like Spotify.

David Averbach:    I’m gonna not say anything.

Sarah Kingsbury:    I mean, he is an Android user [crosstalk 00:22:42], he makes bad decisions sometimes. Well he’s fully into the Google Home.

David Averbach:    Okay.

Donna Cleveland:    Alright, so I think this wraps up our episode 105 of the iOSApple podcast. Thank you all for joining us!

David Averbach:    Thank you everyone!

Donna Cleveland:    And we’ll see you next episode, and remember to e-mail [email protected] to answer our question of the week, which this week I believe

David Averbach:    Marco Polo!

Donna Cleveland:    Oh! Do you use Marco Polo? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Why? We wanna hear all about it. [email protected].

David Averbach:    Thanks everyone!